2009 JALTA Vol 2 No 1&2


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Company Law 

‘Almost Identical’ Company Names in New Zealand: ‘Not Yet Passé’
Matthew Berkahn


Legal Requirements for CSR Reporting in the United Kingdom, Denmark and Australia
Anne Durie


Who is Watching the Watchdog? : A Critical Appraisal of ASIC's Administrative Powers
Margaret Hyland

Constitutional Law

Order from Chaos? Tribunal Reform in New Zealand
John Hopkins

Dispute Resolution 

Students Designing Role Plays: Building Empathy in Law Students?
Kathy Douglas and Clare Coburn

Environmental Law
Societal Responsibility and the balancing of interests: Economic, Environmental and Social: A South African Perspective
Jacqueline Church

Evidence and Procedure
A Comparison of the Law of Evidence
Lee Stuesser

Intellectual Property
The Resale Royalty Right for Visual Artists Bill 2008: Australia’s ownDroit De Suite Scheme – Rough Sketch or Masterpiece?
David Price

Law and Social Justice
The Haneef Inquiry: Some Unanswered Questions
Michael Head

Law For Non Law Students

The Challenge of Teaching Law Subjects with Large and Diverse Student Cohorts
Susan Fitzpatrick


Using Exemplars in an Interdisciplinary Law Unit: Listening to the student’s voices
David Newlyn and Liesel Spencer

Legal Education

Interventions to Enhance the Student Experience of a First Year Law Degree: What they Really Wanted
Susan Armstrong, Marnie Campbell and Michael Brogan


A Practical Approach to Teaching and Assessing Part IV of the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth) 
Jenny Buchan and Kerry Gottlieb


Teaching Evidence Law Within the Framework of A Trial: Relating Theory to Practice as Students Take to Their Feet and Take Responsibility for the Trial 

Anthony Hopkins


Improving Performance in Contractual Problem Solving, Clarifying Criteria and Standards through the use of Exemplars
John Juriansz and David Newlyn


Can Assessment Policies Play a Role in Promoting Student Engagement in Law?
Wendy Larcombe


Teaching Constitutional Law to Fiji Students, the Separation of Law and the Rule of What?
Aidan Ricketts


Mapping and Embedding Sustainable Graduate Capabilities in Law
Penelope Watson and Con Papas


Virtual Mooting: Using Technology to Enhance the Mooting Experience

Jennifer Yule, Judith McNamara and Mark Thomas

Practical Legal Training

'Fake It Till You Make It': Using Second Life to Teach Practical Legal Skills 

Michelle Sanson, Jennifer Ireland and Paul Rogers

Property Law

A Changing Landscape: The Mortgagees' Power of Sale in Queensland
William Dixon and Michelle Backstrom


Revenue Law

The Taxation Treatment of Long Tail Liabilities 
Elfriede Sangkuhl


South Pacific Legal Studies

Customary Law and Community-Based Fisheries Management across the South Pacific Region
Erika Techera

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